The high-speed AOI,  ESV-304

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ESV-304 AOI System
with Duel CCD Color Cameras

ESV-304 is a cost-effective AOI system, with either one or two CCD color cameras. The duel camera version uses two different resolutions (16mm and 8mm), so the ESV-304 can magnify small features when needed, yet speed through areas with larger components and pitches

The ESV-304 can inspect for missing, reversed, upside down, skew, tombstone, billboard, body color, resistor color code, part labeling, and solder bridges. The ESV-304 can be used for both SMT and through hole components

Linear Scale for Accuracy
The ESV-304 uses Precision Linear Scales on both the X & Y-axis. Repeatability is less than +/-0.001". Maximum driving speed is 27.6" per second

Combine Flexibility with Speed
Use the dual camera system. Inspect 0402's and 20 mil QFP's with the 8mm camera, and speed through the larger parts with the 16mm camera's large frame size

Support Warped Boards
Warped, sagging, or thin boards can be easily supported mechanically to insure reliable inspection

Minimize False Rejects
The ESV-304's Normalizing Correlated Process minimizes the number of false rejects caused by variations in image brightness between different machines

Inspection of Solder Fillers
Solder fillers may be inspected, by using the patent-pending Coaxial Illumination Unit. A half-mirror is used to direct light vertically to the solder location. If a fillet is present, the light will be reflected laterally. otherwise, the applied light will reflect upward and pass through the half-mirror to the camera

Inspection of Solder Bridges
The ESV-304's proprietary IC-pin checking method can detect even the smallest bridges. It scans pixels between leads from toe to heel. If a solder bridge is detected, it will shift left and right laterally to verify that it is a real bridge, in order to reduce false rejects

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