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ESV-505 System
High speed vision inspection system

3M pixel color camera
High-resolution camera ( 17 micron / pixel ) have both high speed and good performance

Three Types of Illumination Unit
1. Coaxial top light for solder inspection
2. Middle light for component inspection
3. Side light for component inspection

Improve Lens Distortion
ESV-505 has the specially-developed lens unit. This lens will improve lens distortion

Converyer Unit
ESV-505 has the conveyer unit standard, making the process of setting up the target PCB (front loading style) easy.

Inspection method
1. High speed pattern matching with normalization correlation process, for component check
2. Pixel counting at solder area by 2D, for solder check
3. Density inspection by B&W gray scale, for IC lead short check
4. Color check, inspects color difference depending on the target color balance (R, G, B)

User-Friendly easy operation
After putting the golden board into the machine, move the camera on the target component, then register the target image. This operation is an easy, familiar operation! Part library is also available. By using this part library or existing CAD data, programming time can be shorten greatly



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Dimension 670 (W) × 790 (D) × 449 (H) mm


Approximately 70kg

In put AC 100 V or AC 200V (Note: 1)
Power consumption 300 W (exclude PC & Monitor)
Max. driving speed 500 mm / sec
Repetability ±25 micron or less
Max. processing speed 16 ms / part ( 128 × 128 pixel)
Max. target size 16 ms / part ( 128 × 128 pixel)
Camera 3M pixel color camera (2048 x 1536 pixels)
Light source Coaxial top、 Side,  Middle
Resolution 17 micron/pixel
Frame size 35 mm × 26 mm
Inspection method Pattern matching, RGB color check, area, gray scale
PC Windows XP