FX-212 Module Panel

Examples of product test use


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Insulation test  

Measurement specification

Applied voltage 60-200 V
Measurement resistance 400 KΩ-40 MΩ
Range 0.400 - 4.000 MΩ (5%+0.2M)
2.00 - 40.000 MΩ (5%+20K)

Test Program specification

Maximum steps 256
Test combination

HG [1-5] Between H and G pins (Max 5 pins) or H pin to all other pins

Short/Open test  

Threshold for learning network

Threshold for short test 60-200 V
Threshold for open test 400 KΩ-40 MΩ
Applied test voltage About 0.1 V
Measuring Current

Max. 20 mA

Number of test pins  

Number of test pins

64 pins (1 MPX)
Maximum pins 512 pins (8 MPX's: Option)


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