• Best used in production lines
  • Measurement COM port is isolated from digital ground
    for supply, COM ports, and USB connection
  • Capable of conducting test with DC voltage, AC voltage, DC Current, AC Current, measurement of every resistance, diode, etc.
  • Three levels of measurement sampling speeds
  • May be used as test controller:
    Use the included application, FxAutoTest.exe, to edit and write the test program
    to the module, which use the FX-300 and FX-600/620 as a test step.
    Select a test program and run from external I/O interface.


FX-300 Module Panel

The FX-300 is capable of controlling the FX-600/620 relay module from the FX-300 Autotest utility (optional).



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Measured DC Voltage 4 ranges (200mV, 2V, 20V, 200V)

Measured AC Voltage

4 ranges (200mV, 2V, 20V, 300V)
(Measured frequency range 40Hz-20KHz)
Measured DC Current 4 ranges (20mA, 200mA, 2A, 10A)
Measured AC Current 4 ranges (20mA, 200mA, 2A, 10A)
(Frequency range 40Hz-3KHz)
Measured Resistance 6 ranges (200Ω, 2KΩ, 20KΩ, 200KΩ, 2MΩ, 20MΩ)

Conduction test, Diode test



31/2 digits, 2000 count display
41/2 digits, 20000 count display

Measuring sampling rate

FAST 35 samples/sec; Integral time 3ms
MEDIUM 12 samples/sec; Integral time 20ms(50Hz), 16.7ms(60Hz)


3 samples/sec; Integral time 80ms(50Hz), 66.7ms(60Hz)

Range mode



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