• Maximum of 32 channel input, 14 bit resolution data sampling
  • Maximum sampling rate of 100 KHz (when 4 channels are used)
    When an internal MPX is used, the maximum frequency
    is 12.5 KHz with 32 channel inputs
  • Wave memory capacity is at 25 M samples, capable of recording
    for extended periods of time.
  • Various trigger conditions and waveform measurement supported
  • (↑, ↓, hysteresis setting, threshold values setting, pre/post trigger)
  • Wave monitoring functions
  • FFT and filtered monitoring possible


FX-360 Module Panel

Examples of product test use


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Max measuring voltage

-40V ~ 40V, range 20m ~ 40V
Steps of 2, 4 or 8

Max measuring voltage

At ±40V, PEAK-PEAK does not exceed 80V
Input impedance 1MΩ± 2% // 20pF ± 2pF
Actual resolution

14 bit (Differs with range. The A/D sample resolution is 16 bit)

Sampling source Either external clock or internal clock can be selected
Sample frequency 1Hz to 100KHz. ( resolution is 50ns )
Trigger conditions

Edge, level (hysterics, trigger slope setting)External trigger. Triggering occurs in every sample


External trigger

1 CH TTL level. Switches between rising and falling

Trigger setting

Pre/post-triggering can be selected inside the wave memory
Wave monitoring function Digital filter and FFT analysis

Wave memory capacity

Maximum about 25 M (mega) samples


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