• Converts USB bus into GPIB bus
    Using the FX-910, the GPIB instrument can be controlled easily, even from a notebook computer
  • Convert RS-232 bus into GPIB bus
    The GPIB instruments can be controlled from the RS-232C through the FX-910, in a system based on a microprocessor
  • DLL library for FX-910 control
    The DLL library and sample programs for VB, VC++ and Delphi are included
  • ActiveX components for FX910 control
    The ActiveX OCX files and samples are included
  • RS232C <> GPIB specification
    Data specification is provided for the control of the GPIB device from the RS-232
  • Console utility for the GPIB test
    From the utility provided, operation of the FX-910 and the measuring sequences can be confirmed.

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USB <> GPIB, RS232C <> GPIB bus converter module


USB 2.0, RS-232C, GPIB


W 70 x H 33.2 x L 100 (mm) (Not including connector dimensions)

Error: Within ±1.0mm

Mass 500 g (Not including cable or power supply)

Power supply voltage used

USB bus power (500mA) or external DC 5V
DC 5V When GPIB accessed from RS-232

Current used

500 mA ( max 350 mA (typical))

Operating temperature 0 ~ 40 °C (Temperature = 80% RH)
Storage temperature -20 ~ 60 °C (Temperature = 80% RH)


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